Hello Readers and Writers,

Just a quick note on what to expect of this blog.  The primary intention behind making it, like many others have done before me, is to pursue and practice the craft of writing.

This blog will seek to do that in two ways.  First, through the use of writing prompts to practice writing, to build my writing portfolio, and to explore different genres.  The prompts will come from many sources, including: the internet, daily writing prompts from WordPress, 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts by Ryan Andrew Kinder, and hopefully readers.  My hope is to work on my own writing and perhaps encourage others to try a prompt every now and again as well.  Second, I believe one of the best ways to prepare for writing is through reading.  Therefore, the other portion of this blog will be to review books.

I welcome any and all feed back and wish you happy reading!

-M.R. Gavin