About M.R. Gavin

I am an avid reader and writer. I hope to use this blog to explore new genres and styles of writing, practice my writing skills, and review and discuss books. My favorite part of the writing process is revising and rewriting drafts in order to make my story more clear, concise, and focused.

I love reading a wide range of genres including: science fiction, horror, dystopian, classic literature, young adult, memoirs, satire, feminist works, and cultural pieces. In every book I read, I am looking to learn something as well as to enjoy the story. On Tuesdays you can read my most recent spoiler free reviews, and on Fridays my spoiler filled reflections will be posted.

As a writer, I am always looking for new opportunities as a freelancer be it blog content, newsletter writing, proofreading, or just about anything else. I am always available via email at mrgavinwrites@gmail.com.

-M.R. Gavin

*Blog Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge all content on this blog (M.R. Gavin Writes) is created and published by me. If anything is taken from other media or authors credit will be given. If you share or use my writing or something from this blog please be sure to give it the proper credit to the content creator. All content is based on my opinions and believes, and are not associated with any businesses or organizations. While I try to be as accurate as possible, there may be errors. Thank you for understanding.*