About M.R. Gavin Writes Content:

Hello Readers and Writers,

Just a quick note on what to expect of this blog.  The primary intention is to pursue and practice the craft of writing.

This will be done in two ways.  First, using writing prompts to practice writing, to build my writing portfolio, and to explore different genres.  Second, I believe one of the best ways to prepare for writing is through reading.  Therefore, the other portion of this blog will be book reflections.

You can see a list of archived prompts and reflections on their respective pages, Writing Prompts and Book Reflections.

I welcome any and all feed back and wish you happy reading!

About M.R. Gavin

I am an aspiring writer.  I enjoy writing middle grade and children’s fiction, and young adult fiction.  I am using this blog to explore new genres and work on my craft.  My publication experience resides in non-profit newsletters, websites, and social media.  My greatest strength and most enjoyment as a writer comes from the revision, rewriting, and editing processes.

I am an avid reader of Science Fiction, Horror, Dystopian, Young Adult, and Classic Literature.  You will see a wide range of reading material in my Book Reflections.

As a writer, I am always looking for new opportunities as a freelancer in fiction writing, nonprofit writing, ghostwriting, reviews, and revising and proofreading.  Please contact me at mrgavin1991@gmail.com to see my resume or inquire about a potential job.

-M.R. Gavin